Grown up Harry Potter

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but, honestly, I really enjoyed the books and the films weren’t bad either. So, I decided to wait a few years and then draw Harry all grown up and out on some deadly auror mission.  I’m nothing if not bag up to date me…

I did this quite a while ago but I was looking for something to post while I’m working on the next page of my web comic J.AKE which is hurtling towards completion…youbetcha!

Judge Anderson

This year, 2000AD celebrated it’s 40th anniversary – quite a feat for a weekly anthology comic as that’s more than, well, a lot of issues! I was never a really regular reader of the mag but I do recall enjoying  the classic stories of Slaine, Halo Jones, ABC Warriors, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and the rest. One of most prized possessions is the perfect bound series of full colour Slaine graphic novels with art by Simon Bisley and words by Pat Mills – both legends in the sequential art world.

Anyhow, although I couldn’t make it to any 2000AD anniversary events, I wanted to draw something to mark the occasion and settled on a sketch of Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd’s erstwhile psychic colleague. Here it is!

I’m thinking of doing some other characters from 2000AD so if anyone has any requests, let me know!