#inktober 2017

So, I’ve never done Inktober before – mainly because I’ve always been convinced that I’d never manage a full month of drawing every single day. Also, ink scares me.

I appreciate that might sound odd, but it’s all part of not wanting to be seen as a bit rubbish – you don’t get to edit what you produce before sharing it when you work in ink, unless it’s just by not sharing it at all. But I’ve realised, that doesn’t really get you anywhere and certainly won’t harden that artistic shell.

That’s why I decided I’d give it a go this year. I still don’t know whether I’ll manage all 31 days, but I’ll give it a go. Here are the first five days; usually, I’d try and justify why these aren’t very good but on this occasion, I think not.

Day 01 – Historic street

Day 02 – Fish face

Day 03 – The Green Man, Trumpington, Cambridge

Day 04 – Cloak and Dagger


Day 05 – Slightly non-plussed alien dude